Before you can apply this:

  • First, you need a good domain name. See Step 1.
  • Second, you need hosting. See on the right.

If you go with any decent web host, you will have some kind of auto installer at your disposal. I am incredibly biased towards WordPress when it comes to content management systems. With such an auto installer you will be able to publish your first website in 5 minutes (usually less).
Tip: Use WordPress as your content management system.

Setting Up WordPress in cPanel

Depending on your hosting provider, in cPanel you have two options (either one of them or both): Fantastico De Luxe or Softaculous.

cPanel Fantastico Softaculous

cPanel Fantastico & Softaculous

In my experience, most hosting providers have Fantastico as it’s cheaper for them. Softaculous has more scripts, and it’s also more appealing visually.

Let’s go with Fantastico first.

Fantastico Choose WordPress

Fantastico Choose WordPress

After choosing WordPress, click on new installation.

Fatntastico WordPress Installation

Fantastico WordPress Installation

Fill out everything as you see on the image and click Install.

Fantastico WordPress - Check Data

Fantastico WordPress – Check Data

Check if everything is correct and click Finish installation.

Fantastico WordPress – Installation Finished

You can email the installation details for later, and now you can reach the WordPress dashboard by visiting yoursite/wp-admin.

WordPress Login Screen

In Fantastico, under Current Installations, you can just as quickly remove installations. Now let’s do the same thing using Softaculous.

The first step is the same: click on WordPress.

WordPress in Softaculous

Now you have to set the basic configuration. Pretty much the same as with Fantastico.

Softaculous WordPress Configuration

Softaculous WordPress Configuration

After that, you are done! Log in to your new WordPress site by visiting yoursite/wp-admin URL.

You will need to install specific plugins and change some settings to make sure you get as much out of your site as possible. Look at the next article. Happy publishing!