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Inmotion Hosting Review: Good Uptimes with Sound Technical Background

InMotion hosting is a great way to have a presence online. The company’s infrastructure is built on UNIX and Linux and the system monitoring is ongoing at all times. Furthermore, the packages available start with Launch plan followed by the Power plan and, finally, the Pro plan. These plans come with their own price ranges, but with the Power plan, you get 50 MySQL databases while with the Pro plan it’s up to 200 databases. In case you need to know, MySQL stands for Structured Query Language, and the whole point of it is (as its nickname “My Sequel” implies) is to have a relational database management system at your disposal. But perhaps we are jumping the gun here and moving forward a bit too fast. So, what’s special about InMotion hosting?

Business Class Hosting is now just $5.95 a month (reduced from $6.95) and it gives you technical support 24/7 plus it gives you the standard high 99.9% uptime (this is virtually100%, of course). This level is the aforementioned Launch plan. The two higher plans (the Power and the Pro) cost $7.95 and $13.95 a month. But please take into consideration that  the more you pay, the more you get.

Scale it up!

InMotion doesn’t stop with the three basic plans – for small and not so small businesses. If you are a truly serious online user, you might take several more steps up on the Internet ladder and consider either VPS Hosting. This level is on a par with virtual private hosting. Here, you are going to get your business needs met with flying colors. This kind of hosting is $39.95 a month, but what you get with this service is priceless when you take the following into consideration: this kind of hosting provides you with a link between fully dedicated servers and shared web hosting. If your needs, though, go even beyond this level, you may wish to consider the highest level Internet presence, which means that you have your own dedicated servers for $199.95 a month. What you get at this level is way over and beyond the call of duty when it comes to ordinary websites. So if you want to try this highest level, they can give you a free setup and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let my uptime stats do the talking!

Let me show you the uptime stats of a site hosted by them.


Inmotion Uptime for 30 Days
Inmotion Uptime for 30 Days

What you see above is the response time checked every minute every day for 30 days. The red dots mean downtime or timeout. The tracking software shows a 99.95% uptime!

When the best come together: cPanel, WordPress and Excellent Technical Support

Customer reviews abound, and they are all basically saying the same thing: InMotion is one of the best hosting companies for businesses. They are completely reliable, and they give you all the support you may need to keep your site up and running. Among the things you get with this hosting company are e-mails with SPAM blocking, different levels so you can start with the lowest and move on up as your business grows, an easy to use control panel and a first-rate website builder, and unlimited disk space, a special plus in any web hosting deal.

One of the praises that customers whose sites are hosted by them is the same song, if you will: quick and easy solutions to problems (should they occur) when contacting technical support. Most of these responses give thumbs up for all the support received in the line of duty, though it’s clear that the technical support people working for InMotion always already go beyond the proverbial line of duty.

In addition to the usual, you can also get WordPress Hosting. This service is available for $5.95 a month, but what you get is – again – beyond the call of duty. This is the service for you if you are an active blogger, but also if you are interested in a top-of-the-line security to make sure that your business servers are running smoothly and without interruptions in service.

Let it shine!

The final thing with InMotion is that you can also have Custom Web Design. Here, the chances of your getting a great business site up and running are multiplied with large numbers to start with: do you want a business site dedicated to the medical or dental fields? Or perhaps real estate is your business. Are you a lawyer or do you own a construction company? No problem, with Custom Web Design you have all that you need to have a site online that gets noticed. Check out some examples!


Inmotion Hosting Web Design Examples
Inmotion Hosting Web Design Examples

If you are interested in an eCommerce site, you are at the right place – again. Here, you are going to have easy shopping cart access and merchant accounts too. PayPal can also be used.

If you are serious about running an online business, InMotion hosting is the place for you to explore. You can start by visiting their website and checking them out.

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The Best!

Good uptime with solid technical background. Worth the money!

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