As anyone who has jumped headfirst into the world of web hosting understands, there are thousands and thousands of options all vying for your attention – as well as your hard-earned money – at any one given time.

And while most of us feel that having a seemingly endless amount of options is a tremendous benefit to our purchasing power, the cold hard reality is that having all of these options (which are tremendously similar to one another) causes decision paralysis.

It becomes next to impossible to make a choice, and then in a fit of frustration we just pick any old thing and end up being more than a little bit disappointed with the host we moved forward with.

Standing Out

Luckily, this is never an issue when you decide to invest in iPage web hosting – one of the most powerful, reliable, and quick web hosting services on the web right now (and it’s available all for the rock-bottom price of $3.50 a month).
With one of the most reliable reputations in the industry, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to ignore the stability that iPage offers!

iPage Comparison – Do Your Homework

iPage Comparison – Do Your Homework

While other companies all over the web will try to dazzle you with special features like unlimited webspace, unlimited transfer rates, unlimited email accounts, and a whole host of other options (at that iPage also offers), the folks that iPage understand that the most important detail that you need to rely on when looking for hosting is that it will be stable and reliable.

My Uptime Statistics

You could have an endless amount of the most cutting-edge technologies at your disposal, but if your website is down 50% or more of the time – which isn’t an unnatural occurrence with some of the so-called “top” web hosting companies out there – it won’t matter even in the slightest bit.

Your customers and visitors are going to be served a blank page, perhaps never to return again. Stability and reliability is of the utmost importance when investing in a web host, and any compromise whatsoever is going to put you on a rocky footings.

Let’s see an uptime stat for a website hosted by iPage.

iPage Uptime 30 Days

iPage Uptime 30 Days

But because of the investment that iPage has made into all of their servers and hardware solutions (not to mention their dedicated information technology staff and support teams), you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with whether or not your site is going to be up at any given time. Our monitoring shows 99.83% uptime over the last 30 days.

The cold hard truth of the matter is that they enjoy a close to 99.9% uptime, and should you experience any outings whatsoever you can rest assured that they will address the problem and have you up and running faster than you could even imagine.


Along withthat incredible reliability you’ll also enjoy blazing fast speeds!

This is another major distinction that you’ll only be able to enjoy with iPage and very few others. That investment that they’ve made into all of their servers and data centers ensure that your website is going to load infinitely faster than it would on other servers using less modern platforms.

Anyone that has run a digital business understands the need for speed in delivering your content as quickly as possible to your visitors, as the modern consumer has developed a ridiculously quick trigger finger and will not tolerate delays of any kind whatsoever.

A Single Price

The pricing structure of iPage makes it a no-brainer investment that you can confidently move forward with!

This might be the real clincher for folks all over the world, since iPage has leveled the playing field entirely by offering one gigantically powerful hosting option at a single price.

You’re not going to find different tiers that may or may not suit your needs right down to the ground – or have a couple of options you need in one tier and find that another one has the rest of what you need. No, what you see is what you get when you pay the $3.50 a month with iPage, giving you unlimited almost everything and one of the most robust web hosting platforms available today.

Final verdict

One of the most cutting-edge web hosting platforms out there today, the fact of the matter is that iPage has become an industry leader for a very real reason.

Not only do they actually care about their customers and clients, but they also continue to innovate and create more and more high-end technological solutions to ensure that you always have exactly what you need when it comes to hosting your site. Definitely one of the most recommended web hosts you could move forward with, look to leverage iPage if you can.